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About Studio

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We are a team of developers, engineers and visual artists, focused on creating experiences that blur the boundaries between technology, form and functionality.
by Dorin Danciu

Different projects require different teams, skills and approaches, but we've learned that condensed effort delivered via small teams can actually be more efficient than engaging big teams proxied by various management layers.

All our team members have been associates for at least 3 or 4 years in various multinational corporations, fact that allowed them to learn the best practices and to understand how to act differently, in order to frog jump the biggest players.

What do we do?

We turn ideas into touchable results

Pixel Perfect

We value great UI, that's why we are commited to craft mobile products that can be easily described as being the place where form meets functionality.

Multiple platforms

iOS and Android are our beloved areas of expertise. We are currently working to extend our core competences with serverside skills so that we will be able to deliver you the entire solution.

Interviews/Code Audits

Finding the best engineers can be difficult sometimes. We are able to support you in making the best decisions for your company by interviewing candidates at your location. We'll blend in nicely, and you'll make the best impression. We can also make you understand the real status of your solutions by reviewing them, and let you know how they are compared to the latest standards.